The goal of the math department at Explorer West is to create graduates who are numerate, confident young adults with a strong foundation of mathematical reasoning and knowledge.

Our program is designed to have students spend time thinking as much as possible. Lessons are concise, allowing more time for student exploration of new concepts. During work time, students are grouped strategically so that those needing extra support can benefit from small group instruction, while those with the highest readiness levels will find a challenge. We demand that students not simply find answers to problems but learn to explain their process verbally and in writing.

Our curriculum integrates traditional tools like calculators with more recently developed virtual resources. Students also complete hands-on projects and cross-curricular explorations.

Explorer West has offered a host of math-related activities, which have included:

  • Pi Eaters, an after school math club (for support or enrichment)
  • Math Counts, a competitive math team
  • Robotics Club, an after school course in engineering and programming
  • Bi-monthly challenge problems

Explorer West Mathematics – Major Elements by Grade:

6th Grade Math
  • Operations with fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Rates, ratios, and proportions
  • Data and statistics
  • Probability
  • Integer operations
  • Algebraic notation and basic expressions, equations, inequalities
  • Basic geometry
7th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra
8th Grade Math/Algebra I

The school culture of respect at Explorer West affords students a safe space to agree or disagree respectfully while testing ideas. Likewise, we empower students to teach and learn from one another. We embrace student choice, knowing that with student interest comes student engagement. Students are challenged and supported on an individual level, offering students the chance to delve deeply into each element.

In high school, Explorer West students enter advanced math classes at nearly twice the rate of their peers from other schools.