Faculty & Staff

Everyone who works at Explorer West Middle School is committed to our mission and focused on providing rigorous academics in a small, individualized, and supportive environment.

Explorer West teachers are dedicated, inspired, and experienced in working with middle-school-age students. Because we are a small and focused school, teachers can concentrate on each student as well as collaborate with their peers on cross-curricular projects. They are expert educators in their specific subject areas who pride themselves in preparing their students for the next step in their educational careers.

Teachers support students during this crucial stage of growth through:

  • Creating dynamic, hands-on curricula that inspire learning
  • Developing leadership skills in a culture of curiosity, achievement, and respect
  • Facilitating advisory groups across grade levels for collaboration
  • Close communication with families about their student's progress
  • Showing students how to work together and how to be social AND intellectual beings
  • Proving that learning can occur with confidence and excitement

Our staff is also greatly engaged with the students, their families, and the daily running of the school. This team works to solve short-term and long-term goals for the community.


Explorer West’s dedicated, fabulous, experienced staff nurture and develop our young children into self-reliant young adults.

Explorer West Parent