Explorer West Family Network

Parents and other family members of Explorer West students are not on the outside looking in but integrated into our small, learning community through a variety of avenues. The Explorer West Family Network at Explorer West Middle School is a parent/guardian-led group that welcomes new and current families and connects them with each other. The Family Network introduces ways to get involved in the school community and provides educational opportunities.

It's never too little or too late to get involved in the school. Whether you have just a few hours a year or want to lead a major initiative, here are a few examples of how parents can participate:

  • Chaperone a winter trip, field trips, school dance, etc.
  • Volunteer with the admissions office
  • Serve on Board committees
  • Work on facility upgrades
  • Support administrative team on various projects
  • Chair fundraising events
  • Write grants
  • Serve as Spanish Interpreters

Families can choose volunteer preferences at the beginning of each year via the online volunteer survey or respond to individual requests for volunteers throughout the year. Check the email bulletin for more opportunities. Current families are also encouraged to join our Explorer West Family Network Group on Facebook to exchange information.


Family members who donate their time and expertise provide Explorer West with the additional resources needed to deliver on our mission. Getting involved is a wonderful way to get to know the staff, faculty, students, and other families.

For more information about the Family Network and volunteer opportunities, please contact our Family Network leaders at ewfamnet@explorer-west.org.