Board Committees

Explorer West's Board Committees are comprised of a broad group of committed community members who support the governance work of the school’s Board of Trustees by:

  • Making progress towards specific strategic priorities as outlined in the school’s Strategic Plan
  • Responding to NWAIS accreditation requirements

A brief description of Explorer West’s Board Committees:

Development:  The Development Committee manages all responsibilities relating to fundraising, including annual fund, auction, capital fund development, and creation of endowments.  The committee has done significant work in developing and implementing development policies and endowment agreements, set targets and implements activities to meet annual fundraising goals, and has significantly expanded the cultivation of donors and potential donors.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:  The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is charged with ensuring the success of the school's strategic priority relating to diversity: to examine and clarify understanding of what diversity, in all its aspects, including cultural, ethnic, geographic and economic, physical means for Explorer West school.  Recognizing the complexity of this issue, identify appropriate goals relating to diversity and create processes to pursue these across all areas of the school, including curriculum, admissions, financial aid, and policies.

Finance and Facilities:  The Finance and Facilities Committee has point responsibility for the financial management of Explorer West.  The committee oversees financial planning, develops budgetary and fiscal policies, oversees and reviews financial reporting, authorizes and reviews audits, and ensures board awareness of all financial issues and concerns.  Through this work, the finance committee plays a key role in fulfilling board fiduciary responsibilities, safeguarding institutional assets, and assuring the financial health of the school. The committee also manages all issues relating to the physical facility of the school.  This includes management of policies and contracts relating to leases and sub-leases, development and implementation of facilities plans, and oversight of all contracts relating to work on the facility or grounds.  The facilities and finance committee work jointly to manage building and plant reserves.

Strategic Planning:  The Strategic Planning Committee is charged with developing and proposing to the board a set of strategic priorities and associated action plans, involving appropriate stakeholders in the development of these documents, and ensuring the effective implementation and consistent reporting on progress.  The committee is also charged with reviewing and maintaining the effectiveness of key institutional documents, including the mission and core values statements.  By assigning point responsibilities in strategic planning to key stakeholders, including the head of school and board committees, the board ensures that planning is integrated with the ongoing governance and management of the school.

Trustee Affairs:  The Trustee Affairs Committee holds responsibility for ensuring the effective and ethical work of the board in governing the school.  The committee accomplishes this work through trustee orientation and training, managing the board policy manual, managing officer elections, and facilitating recruitment of potential trustees.  The committee also plays a key role in the annual board retreat as board development and evaluation are key parts of these events.

Thank you to all of these committee members for their hard work on behalf of Explorer West Middle School!

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