Visual Arts

Designed to inspire students' love of art

Explore Different Mediums

Students experiment with a variety of 2- and 3- dimensional art materials and a wide range of techniques.

Become Confident Artists

Students are encouraged to think and feel like creative beings who are capable of expressing themselves in the visual language of art.

Seek Creative Experiences

Students are encouraged to connect with local artists and creative outlets within their community.

Cultivate Art Literacy

The ability to understand, interpret, and discuss works of art. This includes the students’ own art as well as that created by others, past and present.

Personal Connections to Art

Students are empowered to make art at home in their free time and get creative with materials.

Sparking Creativity

Connecting imagination and personal growth. Students keep visual journals of their experiences, travel, and feelings.

The Explorer West art program supports students' creativity and builds on foundational skills.

Art encourages students to seek solutions, rather than focus on problems.