Explorer West Middle School hires faculty and staff who are committed to working with middle school students and the school's mission.

Seasonal Positions

Seeking qualified Outdoor Educators to lead our students and faculty on snowshoe and/or cross country ski trips.

All locations will be at Snoqualmie Pass with each grade planning to do the following:

  • 6th Grade: Testing their handbuilt snowshoes and building snow shelters at Gold Creek Sno Park
  • 7th Grade: Learning to cross-country ski at Cabin Creek Sno Park
  • 8th Grade: Both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing mostly at Cabin Creek Sno Park

Position Description:

Adventure is inherently risky, but it can open up a world of confidence-building and self-reliance when properly managed. The top priority for any outdoor adventure educator is always the safety of the participants with risk assessment, management, and prevention.

Instructors will lead groups of students either in pairs or with another faculty/staff member of Explorer West with an emphasis on group leadership, team-building, and problem-solving. The focus for winter trips will be learning how to ski/snowshoe and how to manage oneself in the winter elements along with occasionally implementing brief integrated curriculum lessons with a faculty co-leader. 

Required Qualifications: 


Field Dates:

  • Friday, January 21st
  • Wednesday, February 2nd
  • Wednesday, February 9th
  • Attend one paid 1/2-day pre-trip training session (may be on campus or zoom).  
  •  First Aid and CPR certifications (minimum)
  • Experience with middle school-age youth
  • Diverse outdoor leadership experience
  • Pass a Washington State Patrol background check


  • WFA, WFR, or other advanced medical certification
  • Winter specific recreation experience
  • PSIA Certification
  • Experience leading winter recreation trips or teaching cross country skiing and snowshoeing

Pay ranges from $100-$140 per day for 3 field days and $60 for the ½-day prep session.  All outdoor educator positions are open until filled. All outdoor educators are paid immediately upon successful completion of trips.  Positive performance and feedback could lead to further employment. 

You can learn more about Explorer West and our Outdoor Education Program here.

If interested please send a resume to Matt Kostle, Outdoor Education Coordinator at 

Explorer West Middle School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Non-discrimination Policy