Arts & Music

Inspiring Creativity and Inquiry

Explorer West students are challenged to open their imaginations and broaden their horizons by continuously trying new things. All students take art, music, and drama classes as part of their weekly classes in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


Visual Arts

Students develop observation, problem-solving, and self-expression skills that translate across the curriculum. Students get hands-on experience with a variety of mediums, from clay to fabric to found objects, sparking their creativity and imagination.

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6th play rehearsal franki sylvie oliver g


Drama is more than just acting; it's a social art that builds self-control, confidence, and cooperation. Every student participates in drama productions, set design, and performance, providing a well-rounded experience. Themes of social-emotional learning are integrated into the program, making it a valuable part of our curriculum.

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Instrumental Music

Music is a universal language, and our music program reflects that. Students learn the elements of music by studying a wide array of music from cultures around the world. Each student learns to play an instrument and sing as a member of an ensemble, fostering teamwork and cultural appreciation.

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