Mission & Values

Our Mission

Explorer West Middle School embraces the energy and enthusiasm of our diverse young people on the journey to adulthood. As a small and inclusive environment, we view adolescence as a unique window of opportunity to build a community with strong academic skills, creative expression, and character development required for a sustainable future. 

Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mission

To be a community in which all members have a voice, are given respect, and see their identities reflected and affirmed in the curriculum, activities, and physical and virtual environments of the school.

Land Acknowledgement

We honor and acknowledge that Explorer West Middle School stands on the traditional territories and ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples. We acknowledge and honor the contemporary Tribal Nations that are part of these lands and that we reside among.

Our Core Values

Explorer West produces students with a global perspective who will actively contribute to a sustainable future. The entire community—teachers, students, parents and administrators, and the Board—supports values that promote a strong and healthy learning environment. These values form our school culture and aim to maximize learning and achievement with an emphasis on challenge, inquiry, expression, and reflection.

We believe that challenging classroom content and experiences encourage all students to actively engage in their learning, and all classes are equally important for fostering and developing a vibrant citizenry. A balance of disciplines gives students the tools and skills they will need as members of their communities. Respect is our overarching value in and outside the classroom.



working persistently toward a state of mind that allows the student to perform their role comfortably and courteously. Students are encouraged to seek a healthy balance between leading and supporting as they work together for the good of the classroom and the school community.

Creativity & Inquiry


encouraging multiple or novel solutions that take advantage of all available resources in independent and collaborative settings. Information gathering and interpreting meaning lead to a broad range of options and applications.



behaving and speaking in such a way as to foster trust from individuals and the community at all times. This includes honest, moral, and ethical speech and actions. Open and honest communication is critical to the healthy functioning of the school.

Personal & Community Responsibility


accountability for one’s own words and actions and respect for the right of others to that same opportunity.  We recognize that one’s membership in a community requires active participation, and sometimes the needs of the community trump the needs of the individual.