Financial Aid Information


Explorer West Middle School believes in the importance of building and sustaining an equitable, inclusive, and diverse community. This includes socioeconomic diversity within our student and family population. We believe that our robust financial aid program benefits all students and families. Because we are able to enroll students from diverse backgrounds, Explorer West can offer a powerful educational experience where multiple perspectives are shared and honored.

In addition to tuition assistance, Explorer West also supports students by providing outdoor education gear, music instruments, athletic and enrichment programs, and financial assistance for the eighth grade Rome trip. 

During the 2020-2021 school year, approximately 32% of our families received financial aid, with awards ranging from $2,000 to the full cost of tuition. Although we cannot make awards to all applicants, we encourage all families who may require assistance to complete the financial aid application, which is available through School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS). SSS processes the information, and Explorer West’s Financial Aid Committee makes the final decision.

Financial Aid Process

A completed application consists of:

  • Completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) submitted through SSS.
  • A copy of your completed 2021 tax return and all supporting forms sent to the IRS with your return, submitted via SSS.
  • A copy of all W-2s reported on the tax return- submitted via SSS

Explorer West's school code for SSS is 3095.

Please download the SSS Flyer for step-by-step directions for submitting an application.


If you have additional questions, please contact Carol LaMotte, Explorer West's Director of Finance and Operations, at (206) 935-0495 for assistance.

Visit our Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions for further information. SSS provides webinars and other valuable help in the application process, including Spanish language applications.

2021-2022 Deadlines

The deadline for financial aid applications for new and returning families is  February 3, 2022.

Early Sibling Decision Deadline: The deadline for sibling early admission financial aid is Friday, December 3, 2021. Submit the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) only. For sibling financial aid to be confirmed, all fully completed tax forms are required to be uploaded through SSS by February 3, 2022.