Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools is a resource available to Explorer West Middle School students and teachers. It creates one central place for students to research, develop a bibliography, and write a paper that can be monitored by teachers.  Teachers can choose to post notes or links through Noodle Tools.  Students can get signed up at home using the user name and password provided by their teacher. Please use this link to access the school's page:

Note: Each user must create a "personal folder" (i.e., select a personal ID and password) by clicking the "Create a Personal ID" button on the login screen. Access to your subscription is currently enabled via username/password. Users will be prompted to log in to the subscription when they click "Create a Personal ID" on the login screen.

Writing Contests – Earn Challenge Credits In History
World Affairs Council Global Citizen Contest

Note: Tim will direct students to various assignments.


Latin Resources

Available for students at: