Explorer West Middle School’s English program strives to develop students who:

  • Enter high school honors English classes with complete reading, writing, and discussions skills that include being able to:
  • Produce fluent, thoughtful, and well-organized prose
  • Discuss literature and to correctly use the language and terminology of literature analysis
  • Use the language and basic rules of English grammar, punctuation, and usage when writing and discussing writing
  • Know the basic Latin and Greek roots and prefixes used in English as one tool for pulling the meaning of unfamiliar words through context
  • Spell the English language correctly
  • Reading comprehension has been informed and strengthened by their understanding of essential historical, cultural, and ethical knowledge
  • Can use their acquired knowledge and the results of their reading, study, and individual thinking to arrive at tentative conclusions about the nature of the world and its ideas independently
  • Are self-confident, self-assured, self-possessed, assertive, and articulate
Writing assignments include weekly essay assignment by 8th grade.