Board Recruitment

The Board of Trustees at Explorer West Middle School is always actively recruiting for qualified candidates to consider service on the Board and support the mission of the school. We seek to sustain and grow a strategic, diverse, and passionate Board of Trustees.

Role of the Board of Trustees

Each year the Board oversees several important tasks, including approval of the annual operating budget, determination of the School’s tuition, strategic planning, oversight of facilities, stewardship of fund development, the approval of the Head of School (HOS) goals and the evaluation of the HOS.

The Explorer West School Board is comprised of a maximum of 15 elected Trustees along with the Head of School and the Director of Finance and Operations. The Board is comprised of parents of current and alumni students, alumni and other qualified individuals with skills the Board is seeking to benefit from. Board members attend monthly Board meetings during the school year, attend one annual meeting and retreat, actively serve on at least one Board committee, and are asked to participate in several school events. The time commitment generally runs between 2 - 5 hours per month.

Strategic Skill Sets – Currently Recruiting

Each year the Board completes an assessment of skills and qualifications of current Trustees to determine where gaps exist. As is the case across all aspects of our work, we are interested in the diversity of the Board to be more reflective of our commitment to a more diverse student and parent community at Explorer West. The strategic skill sets and Board perspectives we are prioritizing in our current recruitment efforts include:

  • Fundraising / Development
  • Finance
  • Multi-Cultural Experience

While prior non-profit board experience is always beneficial, the Board also welcomes appropriate candidates who can bring a fresh perspective in community service. Often, a parent seeks to join the Board after having served with the Explorer West Family Network  or on an active Board committee.

The following committees currently support the work of the Board:

  • Development
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Finance and Facilities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trustees Affairs

Recruitment Process 

All Board members are responsible for recruiting new Board members, but the Trustee Affairs Committee oversees and administers member recruitment. The Committee considers candidates based upon the prioritized skill sets and introduces and recommends prospective Trustees to the full Board.

We encourage you to tell us about your background and interest in serving on the Explorer West Board or one of our committees by filling out this Statement of Interest and emailing it to Deirdre Coleman. We also appreciate your referring individuals in the parent community who you think have the skill set or experience for Board participation.

If you are interested in learning more about Board service, please contact Deirdre Coleman.

We appreciate your support of Explorer West and volunteering your time and talent in a way that best serves you and the school.

Gratefully yours - Explorer West Board of Trustees

To learn more about the Explorer West Board, please visit: