Program Update-Math with Andrea

6th Grade

In 6th grade math, we are exploring some of the myriad ways percents are used in our lives: predicting the probability of an event occurring as well as percent increase and decrease. Students are using strategy and estimation to play games involving percentages and explore real-life examples like discounts and tax. Students built and played their tabletop golf courses made of recyclable materials before this unit. After they played their classmates’ courses, they calculated the mean, median, and mode of their scores. Here are some pictures from that fun day!

8th Grade

In Algebra 1, we are wrapping up our unit on systems of linear equations with the Shark Tank project. Students have designed a product/service/app and created a cost and profit equation to represent their business. Some students will be making their Shark Tank pitches during class on Thursday, May 26th, from 1:10-2:50, and Friday, May 27th, from 8:30-10:10. Please email Andrea at if you would like to be a Shark for one or both of those days.

Parallel to this work, we are about to dive into our last unit of the year: quadratic functions! As we return from spring break, students will be expanding their understanding of polynomials to factoring, reviewing the distributive property, and solving and graphing quadratic equations.