Program Update – Math with Andrea and Virgil

6th Grade

In 6th grade math, we are wrapping up our unit on histograms and number characteristics like prime factorization. We’re expanding on our knowledge of area and perimeter in our new unit by exploring triangles and composite shapes. To derive the area formula of a triangle, we used this simulation by Geogebra to notice how the base, height, and areas of the triangle and rectangle are interrelated. Check it out and move the red points to see if you can recall how to find the area of a triangle! Your mathematician can let you know if you are correct. Moving forward, we will be incorporating our work with coordinate planes and composite shapes for a project to design a table-top putt-putt golf course hole.


7th Grade

In 7th grade math, we are honing our skills with positive and negative integers. We are also using properties of equality to solve equations. On Fridays, we are learning about total surface area and volume by designing a drink container with a more efficient surface area to volume ratio than the standard 12oz aluminum can. Students are learning how to calculate the surface area and volume of a variety of shapes. They will then make a physical model of their drink container and present it to the class. 


8th Grade

In Algebra 1, we are building on our first unit, where we viewed functions as machines: input an x-value into the machine and get a y-value as an output. We are organizing these values into x-y tables and creating algebraic equations to model the relationship. One way we are practicing this skill is through a collaborative game called Silent Board Game. The class works together to find missing values from an x-y table without the linear equation. In addition, we are exploring linear relationships in their other forms--tile patterns and graphs. We examine how a starting value (y-intercept) and rate of change (slope) appear in these different formats. Moving forward, we will be calculating slope and analyzing how it relates to real-life situations.