Program Update – English with Anna

In 8th grade English, students are in the middle of their Art/English collaborative project, Call and Response. In Art, students chose a piece of art from a wide range of museums, and then for English class, they wrote a story inspired by that image. Next, students will read a story written by another student and create an original piece of art inspired by that story.


In English, students practiced:

  • Identifying and using a wide range of brainstorming techniques
  • Dropping the reader into a scene
  • Writing dialogue that moves the story forward
  • Creating a story with a complete narrative arc
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback


8th graders wrote compelling, imaginative stories. The stories and images will be displayed in the hall once this project is finished. I hope you have a chance to take in their fantastic work. Here’s to the 8th graders demonstrating so many of our core values, from confidence to creativity!