Kicking off 2023 Orientation!

Hello, Explorer Families!

Today was a big day! It was great to see current students and families join in the fun as we rolled out the welcome mat for our newest students and their families. Orientation Day is more than just a tour around the school; it's the start of a fantastic adventure we will have together.

Learning is a Treasure Hunt ️

At Explorer West, we believe that every subject, every lesson, is like a treasure waiting to be discovered. Students had a scavenger hunt to uncover all the important people and places around our campus.

Friends Make the Adventure Better

What's an adventure without friends? New students met their advisors and their new classmates through fun games and activities. They also got a sneak preview of Friday clubs. Whether you're into ultimate frisbee, gardening, or Dungeons & Dragons, there's a club for you!

Let's Get This Adventure Started!

Orientation Day is just the beginning of a fantastic journey. We're so excited to explore, learn, and grow with you. So grab your backpacks, tie your shoelaces, and make this school year a great one!