Equity & Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series

Elevating Conversations on Equity and Inclusion

Have you heard about POCIS Seattle's Equity and Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series?

This series is all about bringing people together to connect, learn, and engage in topics about equity, inclusion, and racism. The People of Color in Independent Schools (POCIS) Seattle's Equity and Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series is an annual program that aims to raise awareness and challenge ourselves around these important issues.

The series aims to deepen our understanding of systemic issues and empower communities.

The organization invites 4-5 speakers throughout the academic year.  POCIS Seattle has chosen thought leaders, authors, and activists who have dedicated their lives to the cause of social justice. The selection ensures a variety of perspectives, engaging participants in complex topics.

The virtual events are free and open to all, not only POCIS members. These talks are a starting point for all of us to understand how deep-rooted issues like racism affect our schools and communities. And once we know better, we can do better. We can take what we learn and use it to make our own spaces—like schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods—more fair and welcoming for everyone.


We are excited to be POCIS members! For more information and to participate in the upcoming events, visit POCIS Seattle.

View more information here: POCIS Speakers Series 2023