Program Update – 6th Grade Drama with Tara

In the fall, our 6th graders performed their Elephant and Piggie plays for each other. This is a highlight of the 6th grade Drama program; students get to pick their favorite Elephant and Piggie books to turn into a dramatic re-enactment! They showed confidence, fun, energy, and humor. They did a beautiful job celebrating each other’s successes and setting personal goals for future growth. After a delightful exploration of costumes and props before the winter break, the 6th grade has embarked on our first official improv unit. We’ve done a variety of improv activities from the beginning of the year, but this unit will teach specific skills focusing primarily on the principle of “Yes, and…” - accepting and building on their scene partner’s ideas. This is an essential skill the students will need next semester when we begin to devise our 6th grade student-written plays.