Program Update-Science with Kristin & Virgil

6th Grade from Kristin

All of this snow has me thinking about snowshoes and the fun the 6th graders will have using their handmade snowshoes at Snoqualmie Pass! There is record snowfall up there, which means we’ll get to experience first-hand why a ballet dancer exerts more force on her pointe shoes than a full-sized military tank does on its treads! Relay races with only one snowshoe on, anyone? We’ll also learn some navigation techniques and how to recognize avalanche terrain and practice building emergency shelters. We might even get to see animal tracks!

We started building our snowshoes before the break using apple branches for the frames. We’ll be lacing the decking to the frames this week and assembling the bindings. Special thanks to EW parent Mike Daigle, who has been helping out in the classroom. If you’re interested in helping with the building, please contact Kristin ().

Also, be on the lookout for a message from Matt about parent volunteers on the trips.

7th Grade from Virgil

The 7th graders just finished their project-based Life Science unit. This ecosystem unit focuses on organisms’ needs for survival and what happens when those needs are not met. Over the course of the unit investigation, students discover why food is important, how different structures are needed by organisms to eat and reproduce, what the relationships are between organisms (e.g., predator/prey, producer/consumer, parasite/host, and competition), and what abiotic factors affect ecosystems. Students continued to practice constructing and defending evidence-based explanations. Over the course of the unit, students construct four different explanations using evidence gathered and scientific principles to defend a claim regarding investigation questions.