Supporting Time Management for Tweens at Explorer West

At Explorer West Middle School, we understand the importance of developing key life skills, including time management and executive functioning, in our students. This is especially crucial as they navigate the transitional years of middle school. We were inspired by a recent article on Seattle's Child, "Time Management for Tweens and Teens: Ask the Pediatrician," emphasizing the significance of these skills for students. This is especially important as young people enter middle school, with additional classes, teachers, and assignments to track.

Each student at Explorer West receives a planner at the beginning of the school year. This planner is more than just a tool for tracking homework and assignments; it's an essential part of our approach that encourages students to develop a habit of organization.

Our teachers actively engage with students in planner usage, incorporating it into daily routines. Classroom time is allocated to checking planners alone and with peers. This practice is not just about recording homework or test dates; it's about teaching students to break down tasks into manageable steps, set personal goals, and prioritize their responsibilities.

These skills are also supported and built up through executive functioning exercises with Julie, our counselor, and through dedicated time in advisory.

Mastering time management and executive functioning skills are crucial for academic success and school-life balance. By supporting our students in developing these skills, we are preparing them for their current academic challenges and laying a solid foundation for their future endeavors.

Read more about the importance of these skills in the insightful article from Seattle's Child here.

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