Program Update-7th Grade Latin with Leslie

The weather is heating up, and so is seventh-grade Latin! We are in the final stretch before the summer break. Like these young ladies in the Roman wall painting (fresco), students are looking forward to leaving grammar behind and getting out in the sun (sol)! Our textbook continues to follow the doings of Roman city dwellers (Suburani) as they encounter old friends (amici) and new adventures (facinora memorabila). A loyal dog (canis) named Celer (Swifty)  saves the day during a wild boar hunt (venatio apri). Although injured (vulneratus) by the beast (fera), Celer keeps it from killing (necare) his master (dominus). Bravo (Euge), Celer! Students are now grappling with two forms of the past tense (Imperfect, Perfect), each of which can be translated into English in three different ways! (Latinae studebam) I waswas in the habit ofused to study Latin! Durate, discipuli Latinae! (Hang in there, Latin students!)