We hope you all enjoy some time together. Here's a little message from Head of School, Barbara Frailey:

In my family we celebrate Hanukkah, and tonight is the sixth night. As we light the candles on our menorah together (with a grandparent on Zoom, of course), before we eat our delicious fried treats like latkes and donuts, we reflect on the good fortune that has brought us together another year, and we name the things that are feeling like miracles to us right now. This year I’m thinking about the Hanukkah story and the metaphor of the oil in a slightly different way. More than two thousand years ago, the Maccabees were amazed to see one night’s supply of oil last them eight nights, so they could honor their sacred tradition and keep the menorah burning in their newly rebuilt temple. That feels like a perfect metaphor to me of my own state of mind and that of almost everyone I know. We are watching and helping each other make the most of what can feel like a dwindling supply of energy and emotional reserves, as we make it through the semester, through the holidays, and through this last stretch of the pandemic. This year, out of necessity, we are all learning what “good enough” looks like -- where can we compromise? Where can we relax our expectations a little bit, so that the very most important things can be taken care of? Where can we give ourselves and each other grace? It does feel like a miracle to me to be part of a community that supports one another so powerfully and keeps that flame burning, however, low it might seem to burn at times! I sincerely hope that the holiday break provides each of you with the chance to reconnect and recharge with whatever it is that keeps you going, knowing that whatever you’ve got, it will be good enough.

See you in the new year!