It's always exciting to step into the science room at Explorer West! There's always a fun project happening. This year, teachers have worked hard to recreate the magic of hands-on science classes in the virtual world.

6th Grade students used Flipgrid to show their investigations into liquid density. They used household liquids to create a density column.

Our 7th graders are investigating how the sea lamprey invasion into the Great Lakes affected the lake trout population. They recently completed their digital dissection of sea lamprey and perch.

8th Grade Cap & Trade Project

The 8th grade has been studying climate change and learning about the many different approaches to solving this crisis. One approach in use in California and the European Union is using a Cap and Trade system to limit Greenhouse gas emissions.

Joining forces with math class, 8th graders ran a simulation where students represented companies. They had to negotiate with other companies to reach the annual “cap” and stay in business until year’s end. Part dice game, part science, part math, part strategy, and part negotiating prowess, teams were heavily invested in the outcomes!