Fostering Creativity through Arts

Our arts curriculum is all about sparking creativity and keeping an open mind. The best part? Every student gets to experience the full spectrum of our arts program throughout their three years with us. No choosing – just exploring and discovering new passions!

Students immerse themselves in a world of colors and shapes in visual art. From painting to ceramics and mixed media, our artists use their problem-solving skills to get creative. They learn about different artistic techniques and styles, understanding that every mark they make is a step toward self-expression. Our studio is always buzzing with the next masterpiece in progress! Students even spend their lunchtimes in the studio creating.

Music at Explorer West is not just about hitting the right notes; it's about finding your voice. Students explore various genres and styles, learning to harmonize, project, and express themselves through song. Seeing the confidence that blooms in our students as they sing together, excited about the music they choose to perform for the community, is impressive.

When it comes to instrumental music, our students learn that every instrument has its own story. Whether it's string instruments, brass, or woodwinds, students discover the joy of creating music. They understand rhythm, melody, and the teamwork needed to perform in ensemble pieces. It's not just about playing an instrument; it's about being part of a larger whole.

Drama at Explorer West is where imagination takes center stage. Students delve into playwriting, exploring how to bring stories to life on stage. Improv games are a student favorite, where quick thinking meets creativity and humor! And, of course, acting – where students step into different characters, learning empathy and expression in the most dynamic way. Tara, our Drama Teacher, bakes in social-emotional work, allowing students to see the world through others' perspectives and stories.

We believe that arts education is essential for developing well-rounded individuals. It's not just about learning a skill but about nurturing an open mind. By engaging in visual arts, music, and drama, our students explore different facets of learning, discovering new interests and talents along the way.

At Explorer West, every student's artistic journey is unique, and we are here to support them in all their endeavors, old and new.