Program Update: Drama with Tara

Welcome to Explorer West's Drama Program! This Fall, it's been exciting to see the progression of our students' theatrical skills through 6th to 8th grade. I've been impressed by the creativity and excitement of our young playwrights and actors!

6th Grade

In 6th grade drama, we are working on memorizing and staging our Elephant and Piggie Plays, practicing play formatting to type up our lines, and getting ready to add costumes and props!

7th Grade

In 7th Grade, drama students were split into playwriting groups based on which genre of play the students were interested in. Students have started brainstorming the story arc of their one-act play, and we look forward to diving into writing!

8th Grade

In 8th Grade, students just turned in their finished one-act play. We will begin reading through the plays as a class and thinking about which plays we want to perform during the 8th-grade play festival.

From their debut performances in 6th grade to solo playwriting in 8th grade, they are continually building their artistic skills but also learning valuable lessons in collaboration, confidence-building, and self-expression. We're proud of their achievements and look forward to the next semester of drama!