A Message to Prospective Families

Today is the deadline for applications to be considered in the standard timeline for the 2021-2022 school year. Our Head of School, Barbara Frailey shares this message with prospective families:

With the unprecedented events of this school year, we know you are juggling a lot right now in your family. And while the prospect of choosing a middle school might come with some stress, I truly hope that imagining the growth and adventure of the next few years is also bringing your family some hopefulness, and even joy!

As a community, we are thankful that we have been able to continue our on-campus outdoor days all year to strengthen our connections with one another. And we are excitedly preparing for our winter snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing adventures at the end of this month. Outdoor education is a cornerstone of our program, and these trips are an annual tradition for our students and faculty. We’re able to do this because we’re small and creative, and we're committed to meeting our students’ needs safely and flexibly. 

We're excited to introduce you to our community. Thank you for considering Explorer West for your child!

Contact Dawn Fornear for an application fee waiver or more information on applying to Explorer West.

Late applications are accepted!