Last week, an article in Parent Map offered a suggestion for a family activity, snowshoeing!

Did you know that Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing have always been a vital part of our program?

We believe in these activities for a few reasons:

They're inexpensive and accessible. Both sports require little expense to get started! We have a gear lending library for students to use on trips and for families to borrow equipment to try an outing together!

Great for all ages! Almost anyone at any skill level or age can participate. We introduce these activities to middle schoolers because we believe in building skills they can use for a lifetime.

This week, we are excitedly preparing for our winter snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing adventures at the end of this month. So each grade level will spend two days exploring and adventuring at Snoqualmie Pass. Outdoor education is a cornerstone of our program, and these trips are an annual tradition for our students and faculty.

How can Explorer West continue to offer on-campus days and trips to students?

"We’re able to do this because we’re small and creative," says Barbara Frailey, Head of School, "and we're committed to meeting our students’ needs safely and flexibly."