Program Update-7th Grade Latin with Leslie

In seventh grade Latin class, students are learning about fascinating aspects of Roman life while they chip away at the vocabulary and grammar of the language. We read about the lively scene at a public bath (thermae) in our textbook. In addition to soaking and swimming in the piscina, one can get a massage and take a sauna (Laconicum), meet up with friends, or even conduct business. There are cold water (frigidarium), warm water (tepidarium), and hot water (caldarium) pools, catering to every whim. People could exercise before bathing in the palaestra. Public restrooms (latrinae) were very different in Roman times. They were large, for one thing, and most people did not have a toilet in their homes, so going to the public latrine was common and necessary. It surprised us to discover that Roman latrines were considered social spaces where people might chat, do business, and issue dinner invitations! When in Rome!