Spotlight on 7th Grade English-Graphic Novels!

English Program Spotlight:

7th Grade English has jumped into a new project: graphic novels! Students are excited to be reading graphic novels in book clubs. As they read, students will look for a real-life person who shows up as a character in their book. Once they’ve chosen someone, students will "pitch" their idea to a publisher for a new graphic novel about that person.

In order to pitch their idea, students will need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Why should young people know this person’s story? What would make young people connect to this person and their story in particular?
  • Why should this story be written as a graphic novel (rather than a book)? What in this story lends itself to this format?
  • What would the first page or two of this graphic novel look like? (You can draw a draft sketch or produce a written description).

This project will help students learn about inspiring real-life people who have fought for their rights, gain literacy skills through the genre study of graphic novels, and work on students’ communication skills with their pitch. Additionally, it gives students some creativity in how they create their end product.

And, if you ask any 7th grader, they are thrilled to explore this form of literature!