Program Updates: Music

Well, in case you’ve missed the past few updates, it’s that time of the semester to celebrate our students’ work for both music and art. Hooray! You’ll get to see first-hand what we’ve been working on in all of our classes. Here are the details for you all to prepare for the day. And please invite friends and family to the event.



TOMORROW, January 25th

Morning Rehearsals @ Chief Sealth High School Auditorium – arrive before 8:30am

Evening Call Time @ Chief Sealth High School Auditorium – by 6:30 p.m.


Here’s a checklist you can use for tomorrow: (If you’d like further details from last week’s bulletin: here’s a link.)


In the morning: Here is a photo of where to enter the auditorium

Arrive to Chief Sealth Auditorium before 8:30 and bring:

  • Your instrument (labeled with your name)

  • Your sheet music/music binder (labeled with your name)

  • Band students: bring spit rag, extra reeds, valve oil, etc.

  • Backpack with materials for other classes and your lunch


I recommend you leave your instrument and sheet music at Chief Sealth Auditorium. It will be safe and locked. If you choose to bring it back to school after your rehearsal, you must remember to bring it home with you and back to Chief Sealth Auditorium that night.


In the evening:

  • Be in your assigned seat at 6:30PM SHARP

  • Arrive in your music uniform (black, grey or white shirt; black pants or black

skirt with black leggings; black shoes; black socks)

  • If you choose to wear a mask, make sure it’s black or grey.

  • If you did not leave your instrument and/or music at Chief Sealth, bring them!


Concert Downbeat: 7:00PM. Wrapped by 9:00pm