Collaboration and Confidence, on and off the stage

Explorer West’s Drama Program is focused on:

  • Getting students ready for high school drama programs
  • Increasing their appreciation for theatre
  • Developing an understanding of theatre and acting techniques
  • Building their confidence on stage and in front of groups by supporting and building the confidence of their peers.

Many sixth grade students enter the program with little experience or knowledge about drama. At the end of three years, many students express and exhibit increased appreciation for theater, are capable of working at a ninth and tenth grade level, and go on to voluntarily participate in drama programs outside of the middle school.

Each student, after three years in the drama program, is able to: present a monologue, tell a clear story, design for theater (lights, sets, costumes, sound), and work in partnership with other actors. This comes from being in a school production every year, making choices as a group about the technical aspects of the production, and working in a clear academic sequence that is targeted to the skills of theater.


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