Remote Learning Successes at Explorer West

This spring brought some unexpected hurdles! Thankfully, our faculty and staff were able to work together swiftly to prepare our students for school closure. When they heard about the possibility of school closure, Explorer West made sure all families had the technology needed for at-home classes. Teachers and students practiced using the online classroom and remote meeting software so that the students were comfortable with their new tools.

As a community, we knew it was essential to keep our connections secure even though we couldn’t be together in-person. Our Head of School Barbara Frailey and faculty hold office hours so that kids can visit and share ideas. We’ve been awed by the flexibility and creativity of everyone in our community! Teachers are hosting remote clubs like banana tattoos, Harry Potter Club, and fiber arts. Our Family Network has been meeting every other week to check-in with families and discuss highs and lows in quarantine life. We’ve had to reconfigure Explorer West traditions like Community Service Day, Outdoor Ed, and commencement to work remotely.

According to one seventh-grade family:

“Our family is beyond grateful for the amazing people at Explorer West. We are also a bit in awe of what you have managed to do for our students and families.”

As we look ahead, we’re not sure what the summer and fall will bring. We’re making plans for many scenarios. But one thing is for sure, we’re all in this together and our community is stronger than ever!

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