Program Updates: Art – from Sarah Robertson-Palmer

The sixth grade is rocking it in the art room!


Color explorations began during orientation through a splatter painting activity outside. Now gratefully back inside the art room, drawing exercises and “critter” sketches introduced foundational art skills that will be utilized in projects to come.


The Elements of Art are seven art vocabulary words that every Explorer West artist learns and can later identify in their own art projects: line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. They also establish the language used to discuss works of art from around the world. We started creating a large accordion book where each page will demonstrate one of the art elements. We are using a variety of media -- pencil, pen, different kinds of markers, colored pencils, and colorful paper collage.  One of the hallmarks of the art program at EW is to give students choices. Choices promote imagination, autonomy, and enthusiasm.


The following photos show some “critter” drawings, sixth graders working in their sketchbooks, and creating in their Elements of Art books. Last week we started with line and shape. This week we’ll venture into color, value, and texture.  As you can see, our EW artists are focused and happy to be back at creative work!


Stay tuned for future art program updates that will feature the 7th and 8th grades!