Program Update: Social Studies with Daniela and Tim


8th Grade: Eighth graders have been honing their writing skills incredibly well as we study Washington State history. Already, nearly ninety percent of eighth graders have chosen to write a mini-essay for Challenge over a paragraph, describing things, such as the differences between the structure of Washington State government and US government. Soon, they’ll learn the power of initiatives and referendums in Washington State, all while refining their writing skills. It is truly incredible to see so many eighth graders jump right back into Challenge. Many are writing at the high school level already. 



7th Grade: Seventh graders finished their “Road to the Constitution” Unit, culminating with their first test. We prepared for the test together, and overall, students did remarkably well. We’re now diving into our first big question, where students get to choose Challenge. Students have a choice of a regular question to answer and a Challenge question. They also have their first opportunity to choose a paragraph to answer the question or a mini-essay. While there will be plenty of opportunities for students to choose Challenge, an impressive thirteen students chose to write a mini-essay right out of the gate! This two-year course of civics, history, and extensive writing will set every student up for success for the years to come.



6th Grade: Since the beginning of the year sixth graders have been learning about cartography and map interpretation. Through readings, map worksheets, class discussions, and group work students have been studying basic map concepts and learning how to use map elements to read maps effectively. On Monday the class took a final unit quiz, and today we started a research and writing project centered around how GPS works. In this project students will practice taking research notes and using paragraph organizers to guide their work.