Program Update: Music with Sarra

Music students are currently preparing music for Spring Arts Night, which is coming up on May 25th! Here’s what each group has been working on: 

  • 6th Grade Orchestra is learning “Dragon Rock” and new notes F and C natural!
  • 6th Grade Band is learning “Dragon Slayer” and new notes of the B-flat scale!
  • 7th Grade Orchestra is learning “Dragonhunter” and the G Major Scale!
  • 7th Grade Band is learning “Dragon Dance” and greatly improving their focus and rehearsal skills!
  • 8th Grade Orchestra is learning “Brandenburg No. 5” by Bach and improving their sight-reading skills!
  • 8th Grade Band is learning “Canterbury Overture” and improving articulation!

In addition, 6th and 7th grade students have been working through their band/orchestra “karate belts.” All students have earned their “white belts,” and many students have already earned their yellow, orange, green, and blue belts as well! 

All students are also learning two choir pieces to sing together for Arts Night: “True Colors” and “Sisi Ni Moja (We Are One).” We can’t wait to share our music with you later this spring!