Program Update-English

From Anna:

7th and 8th grade students are in full swing with their projects. 7th graders are making zines, some choosing to write about their pandemic experiences and some writing about topics of their choice. Ranging from marmots to music, these zines showcase student writing and creativity. In English class, students have been working on adding a variety of sentence structures and detail to their writing. In Art class, they are drafting their ideas for the images and layout for their zines. Look for finished zines in the next week or two. You will marvel at their creativity and skills!

8th graders have been learning about and listening to podcasts as they craft their own. They know that effective podcasts draw the listener in, telling compelling stories and using music and sound to enhance the narrative. Groups are working through the writing process, brainstorming ideas, outlining, and now writing their scripts. 8th graders will begin recording their podcasts in the next week or two. Keep your ears open for these amazing podcasts!