Now Showing: 2020-21 Student Drama Performances!

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This week marks the first release of our Drama Showcase work. I feel so privileged to get to share with you two of the 6th graders' projects this week. The first is a live recording of their Elephant and Piggie plays from the Fall. They worked very hard on this project to memorize their lines, and they showed incredible confidence in their ability to stand up and perform in front of the rest of the 6th grade so early in their time at EW. The second project they worked on was their devised plays. Each group collaborated thoughtfully to come up with themes, characters and plot, all while listening to each other’s ideas.  All three groups knocked it out of the park!

The second showcase features monologues written and performed by the 7th graders. In the Fall, Students worked with Anna in English to write these speeches as part of a Drama/English collaborative project. Please enjoy their original world premiere monologues!

Links to the performances can be found in our weekly bulletin.

Stay tuned for more wonderful work in the Drama Showcase next week!