Grandparents and Special Friends Day: Strengthening the Fabric of Our Community

Fall is a season of transformation and renewal. At EW, we are channeling this seasonal energy into fortifying the relationships that are the foundation of our community, and we are committed to nurturing these bonds through various community events.

Last week, we celebrated the joys of community and friendship at our annual Fall Dance, packed with laughter, music, killer dance movies, and snacks. This week, we are thrilled to extend our circle of community by hosting the Grandparents and Special Friends Day event.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day embodies our core values of personal and community responsibility, confidence, and respect. Together, we will share classroom space, collaborative learning, and memories of middle school. This afternoon celebration serves as an opportunity for our students to share their Explorer West experience with important folks in their lives, extending the net of community support.

In alignment with our commitment to restorative justice, Tara Kaine, our Dean of Students, and Dawn Fornear, Director of Admission & Community Engagement, will facilitate the first Parent & Caregiver Circle of the year during the event. Restorative justice is an integral part of how we mend mistakes at EW, and holding circles with community members is part of the process of being open with one another and building a sense of mutual respect. Holding circles with community members, including parents, caregivers, grandparents, and special friends, is an integral part of this process. These circles serve as brave spaces where individuals can share their experiences, concerns, and aspirations, thereby contributing to the collective well-being of our community.

We look forward to these events, welcoming community members into our school as we continue to weave the tapestry of relationships that make Explorer West a truly special place.

To learn more about our community, join us at one of our Fall Open House events on November 4 and December 9. You can find more information on our Admission Events page.