Program Update: 6th Grade Social Studies from Daniela

Lucy, Ardi, and Little Foot – who were they, and what do we have in common with them? These names refer to three of the most famous skeletons of early humans that have ever been found – Lucy and Ardi in Ethiopia and Little Foot in South Africa. Our current early humans unit began with an activity centered on the geography of Africa, and we are currently wrapping up research and writing formal paragraphs focusing on the evolutionary relationship between humans and apes. In this unit, students have been practicing key skills taught in sixth grade: map interpretation, note-taking, nonfiction reading, research, and expository writing. We will finish this work this week, and our final class for 2022 will explore the significance of the winter solstice and how other winter holidays celebrate the return of the light. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season! 


Lucy (3.2 myo)

Little Foot (3.67 myo)

Ardi (4.4 myo)