In-depth Latin study in early adolescence creates a foundation for an awareness of the nature of language itself and provides a solid, almost instinctual, basis for more advanced study of any language.

The Latin Program at Explorer West works with young people to:

  • Develop a lively interest in language
  • Build an appreciation for the past as it sustains the present and makes possible the future
  • Engage students so they are confident in studying unfamiliar, diverse, and challenging subjects

The Latin program strives to produce students who:

  • Are prepared for studying world languages in high school or advanced high school Latin
  • To begin the study of another language confidently, enthusiastically, and with the habit of looking below the surface for meaning
  • Have a solid grounding in English grammar and the nature of language itself
  • Can use their knowledge of Latin to spell and use the English language with fluency and precision
  • Own and use a large and varied vocabulary
  • Use their knowledge of the roots of western civilization and their personal experience of travel in Europe to inform their study of other subjects
  • Have developed habits of analysis and rigor that they can apply to every aspect of their lives

Latin resources for students are available here.

Chariot races!
Chariot races!
8th grade students on annual trip to Rome.
8th grade students on annual trip to Rome.