Many hands make light work is a mantra that makes sense in our small community.

Explorer West is a school where working together and helping each other out is not just requested, but part of the day-to-day culture. It is commonplace to see students and parents jumping in to lend a hand as needed on campus, but families and community members can also more proactively sign-up to support the school with their time and expertise.

The Parent Community Network (PCN) is a resource where you can find out about volunteer opportunities that are available throughout the year. Volunteers make a huge difference in providing resources, expertise and people-power!

The Board of Trustees provides guidance and leadership for our school community. We seek to sustain and grow a strategic, diverse and passionate Board of Trustees to work on our strategic planning initiatives and lead committees. These committees include: Development, Strategic Planning, Budget and Finance, Facilities, Trustee Affairs, and Diversity. Please visit these specific pages for more information about these volunteer opportunities: