Parent Community Network

Parent Community Network in action.

The Parent Community Network (PCN) at Explorer West Middle School began during the 2009-10 school year to help parents become even more involved with the school’s small, learning community. Some important ways that the PCN helps connect families and support the school’s mission:

  • Enhancing communication with the parent community
  • Organizing community-building events
  • Providing educational lectures to parents
  • Creating social opportunities that connect families in order to support the school with volunteer needs and fund raising efforts

The group is parent run with a Chair and two Class Reps from each grade, but many other parents participate by attending events and volunteering. The educational lectures pass on important knowledge and skills about raising adolescents and the school’s programs.

Parents who donate their time and expertise provide Explorer West with the additional resources needed to deliver on the school’s mission and offer a stellar middle school program that is accessible to a broad range of families in our community. Plus, getting involved is a wonderful way to meet the staff/faculty, students, and other families. Please fill in the on-line parent volunteer sign-up sheet and we hope to see you at the Welcome Back Potlucks for each grade in September.

For more information about the PCN and volunteer opportunities, please contact our team at