Our Staff

Debbie Ehri, Business Manager:

BS Accounting, University of Idaho – CPA. Before coming to Explorer West in June of 2000, Debbie worked for the accounting firm KPMG and then for Unico Properties as corporate controller. Her interests include sailing and language study. Her passion for languages and, specifically her knowledge of Italian, has proved useful as the coordinator of the 8th grade travel program in previous trips to Rome.

Donna Drake Tarabochia, Head of School’s Administrative Assistant:

Donna’s second career path brought her to Explorer West after a long tenure as a technician with the local phone company. After volunteering in her daughter’s classrooms and teaching Sunday school, she knew she wanted to work with children, particularly in a school community. She and her husband Richard live in West Seattle where Donna loves to work in her vegetable and flower garden. Flower arranging is her passion. Donna and Richard are both of Croatian decent and are involved in the local Croatian community. Donna loves traveling (a highlight was traveling to Rome with the 8th graders), music, scrapbooking, and socializing. Donna’s goal is to make the front office a friendly and welcoming place, both for families and students.

Evan Hundley, Head of School:

BA Sociology/Environmental Studies, Whitman College; MA Public Administration and MA Urban Planning, University of Southern California. Evan joined Explorer West in July 2007 after 14 years teaching and coaching at University Prep and directing the tennis program at the Sand Point Golf & Country Club for almost 20 years. He has also held financial analyst positions in city government in Seattle and Redondo Beach, CA. Evan is renown for his ability to challenge students and bring his classrooms alive with role-playing, reenactments, and assigning projects that relate to real-world challenges. At Explorer West, Evan is excited to work with the school’s learning community to set goals, enrich the curriculum and build community awareness about our vibrant middle school program.

For information about The Head of School and Board of Trustees, visit Leadership.

Claudia Rose, Director of Admissions:

AA Early Childhood Education, Highline Community College. Claudia has been a driving force at Explorer West for the past 16 years. She has served as Office Manager, Head’s Administrative Assistant, and Director of Admission for the last five years. Her eldest daughter, Cherie, was the first student enrolled at Explorer West in July 1996. Claudia is a lifelong resident of West Seattle, has been married for 29 years to husband Jack, and together they enjoy traveling.  Her favorite place of travel is her family’s hometown of Hilo Bay, Hawaii. Claudia is proud to know every student ever enrolled at Explorer West Middle School, has enjoyed witnessing the school grow to full admissions, and focuses on the mission of the school’s founders.

Vic Larson, School Counselor:

MA Social Work, University of Washington. Vic has worked with children and families in a variety of settings for 35 years.  He has extensive experience in school settings both public and private and has worked at University Prep for the last 15 years.  He currently is in private practice and is working with the the Explorer West community as a counselor and parent educator.