Pre-Algebra is a focus in 7th grade math classes.

The math department is focused on providing a foundation for students, so that they are ready for high school Algebra or Geometry. These students will not only have a competent grasp of the content and familiarity with the Independent School Entrance Exam, but will also learn to use a variety of learning tools with ease, such as the class textbook, other texts, student notes, and online tools, as well as human resources such as the instructor and student-to-student collaboration. Familiarity with these tools will allow our students to thrive in any future math classroom, from high school Algebra to high school Calculus and beyond. Further, students will have shed any inhibitions or self-doubt concerning their abilities in math, and will tackle high school math classes with confidence.

The math department wants its graduates to build on the foundation the school provides to become numerate, empowered adults. They will not only be free to pursue any career or life path regardless of its mathematical prerequisites, but will also be quantitatively savvy enough to thrive when confronting complex high-stakes issues in technology, finance, or any mathematical area of life.

Mathematics - Main program elements by grade:

6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals, change fractions and decimals into percents and find the percent of a number – order of operations – problem solving strategies.Pre-algebra: Evaluating mathematical expressions using order of operations, add, subtract, multiply and divide negative numbers – variable operations – Pythagorean theorem – geometric constructions.Operations with variables, writing variable expressions and equations, writing and solving linear and quadratic equations – comparing tables, graphs, and equations, solving linear inequalities and systems of linear equations.