Fine Arts

A mural by Explorer West students.

The Explorer West art program is designed to inspire students to love art. This means to help students to:

  • Explore a comprehensive curriculum of two- and three-dimensional art materials and techniques
  • Become confident artists
  • Go out and seek creative experiences in the community at art museums and galleries
  • Learn how to identify and discuss works of art
  • Be inspired to make art at home in their free time
  • Keep visual journals of their experiences, travels, and feelings

One of the art program’s objectives is to create art-literacy: the ability to identify and discuss art. This includes the students’ own art as well as that made by others, past and present. Through positive reinforcement, students are encouraged to feel like creative beings who are capable of expressing themselves in the visual language of art. Art teaches student to seek solutions, rather than focus on problems.

Every student has his/her artwork displayed in the hallways. Student art is displayed publicly roughly once a year. Parents also have an opportunity to view student art at two Arts Nights events.

Teachers and students work collaboratively on hands-on projects.

Art - Main program elements by grade:

All Grades
The goal of the art program is to foster a love of art; both the making of it as well as its history. The emphasis is on process over product, meaning that imagination added to genuine effort is the most important achievement. Several different media are offered, employing 2-D and 3-D techniques, including current technology. Students will learn to recognize, identify, discuss and discriminate between the art elements (for example line, shape, texture, color, space, etc.) Artworks and artistic traditions from different cultures and times are viewed, discussed, and used as inspiration for projects. Individual ideas and personal expression are highly encouraged in each student’s artwork, as well as the joy of working collaboratively on group projects.