Strategic Plan

Students participate in two camping/hiking trips each year.

In spring 2011, Explorer West’s Board of Trustees embarked on a strategic planning process. Using a slightly revised mission statement to define purpose and direction, a SWOT analysis to define circumstances and context, and a consultative process with staff/faculty and parents – they created a plan with six strategic priorities to guide Explorer West Middle School for the next five years.

The plan includes tools to help Board Committees develop specific priorities, define metrics of success, and track progress. This Strategic Plan also serves as a critical part of the school’s preparation for the PNAIS reaccreditation process in spring 2012.

Living our mission – Strategic Priorities for the next five years

Academic Excellence: Continue to develop challenging and engaging academic opportunities that maximize the learning and growth of every student and prepare all students for success in high school and beyond.

Diversity: Examine and clarify understanding of what diversity, in all its aspects, including cultural, ethnic, geographic and economic, means for Explorer West Middle School.  Recognizing the complexity of this issue, identify appropriate strategies relating to diversity and create processes to pursue these across all areas of the school, including curriculum, admissions, financial aid, and policies.

Facilities and Enrollment: Develop new, coordinated, facilities, financial and enrollment plans.  Address issues including reserve/contingency funding, elimination of outdated facilities, and contingencies related to the sub-lease with Westside School.

Admissions and Marketing: Develop a sustained marketing/communications strategy that promotes Explorer West Middle School and engages both the broader public and key stakeholders including the parent community.

Fundraising: Identify fundraising priorities and create a process/action plan and roles to support these.

Board Development: Continue to improve the talent, depth and capacity of the board so it can continue to best serve the mission and educational program of the school.