Our Campus

All pick-up and drop-off areas are
"No-Idle Zones".

Explorer West Middle School is located in a neighborhood bordering on West Seattle, White Center and Burien. After many years of sharing a Highline School District building with Westside School, Explorer West expanded into the full school facility in August 2010.

The Explorer West leadership team makes strategic investments in the facility to insure that the entire campus is designed to support the academic and social needs of the students, while also reflecting the school’s focus on sustainability.

Campus Highlights:

  • Students and visitors are welcomed to the school’s main entrance with a new forest-inspired green space that includes paths, seating areas and small vignettes of regional plants.
  • Main building comprised of administrative offices, eight large classrooms, and gymnasium. Each student has their own locker and passes between rooms to their scheduled classes.
    • Dedicated music room and an additional practice space.
    • Drama room has a stage, complete with full stage lighting and multiple costume and prop racks.
    • Gymnasium is used for Physical Education classes as well as other group gatherings throughout the school year.

  • Four portables behind the school are used as an outdoor education gear library and storage areas.
  • Outside play court with basketball nets and a new field where students can relax, play or connect with friends.
  • Teachers often bring the students outside to use open space surrounding the main building as an extension of their classrooms.
  • “No Idling” signs and monitoring during drop-off and pick up in both parking lots.
  • Comprehensive recycling and composting programs on campus.

The main entrance to the Explorer West campus.