EW Crisis Team: Earthquake Simulation

We scheduled a simulated earthquake drill in September.  The event was designed by our crisis committee to best represent the circumstances
we might face after a large earthquake:
• We assumed that we could not re-enter the building until the simulation was complete.
• Some students were “injured” (wearing stage make-up) and required first aid treatment from our faculty. The others remained with designated teachers in a safe zone setting up shelters and preparing for the possibility of an overnight stay.
• We called the emergency number provided by our families to test our phone tree.

Following the simulation, the inspector for the Burien Fire Department ran a Post Incident Analysis (PIA) with the faculty and staff.  The purpose of the PIA was to recognize the things that ran smoothly as well as to identify the gaps, so that we can be better prepared in the case of a real emergency.  

We live in a world where disasters, natural or otherwise, can strike at any time.  Explorer West recognizes that in the case of a large-scale emergency, immediate outside help may not be available.   In an effort to provide the best possible care for our students until emergency services can reach us, the Explorer West crisis team regularly reviews our crisis plan to be sure that it includes the most up-to-date information.  In addition, most of our faculty are trained in First Aid and CPR, and many are further trained in Wilderness First Aid (a more comprehensive certification than Standard First Aid), and we do regular practice drills with the students throughout the year.

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